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Want to make money selling nothing but information?

Since we’re talking about making money and giving people what they will pay cold hard cash for all the time – how about how some people try to start a website, hire a internet marketing expert or even throw up a few affiliate links and yet still remain as broke as ever while others who don’t have a lick of business sense rake in money like clockwork from simple eBooks on crazy topics?

Why is the online buying public so gung-ho over eBooks? Because information sells. In fact, it could be said that information is one of the best selling products of all time. How can that be, you might wonder. Not everyone in the world is on the Internet, and there are an awful lot of products for sale floating around both on and offline. Why do people buy information?

I’m speaking about eBooks – simple, easy to make digital products that help, educate, entertain, challenge and solve people’s problems. The kind of products that people can download instantly and that bring in large sums of money for you even while you sleep …

When selling information products, you are never going to find yourself low on stock. Write it once, and sell it for years has been my motto ever since I started writing and selling informational eBooks! These eBooks are easy to create. I am going to explain a technique to you later in this book that will enable you to crank out your own information products in less time than you could imagine! You’ll also learn The secrets of discovering what is high-demand and how to tap into a free tool that literally reveals what people want right now.

What You’ll Learn
Introduction – Why Information Products?
Digital Self-Publishing
What Makes Information Ebooks Such A Special Product?
What Are Information Products? Why Are They So Popular?
The Perfect Product And The Domino Effect
Finding Your Niche Audience Over And Over Again
Why Do Ebooks Fail?
Writing For A Desperate Audience
Become An Information Detective
Target The Book To The Audience
How To Use The Public Domain – The Power Of Research
Creating Your Content With Public Domain Material
Choosing & Homing In On Your Subject
You Absolutely Must Be Specific With Your Subject
Maintaining Quality
All About Your Sales Letter
Research The Competition
Never Give Away Your Information For Free
Justify The Price
The Power Of The P.S.
Benefits And Consequences
Pricing Your Product
Marketing Your Information Product
Advertise Your Site
Promotional Articles
Google Adwords
A Word About Backlinks
Why You Should Have A Mailing List/Newsletter
Persuading People To Sign Up
Sequential Auto Responders And Ecourses
And Much More!


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